Rowing to Success

Clients and Achievements

Rakesh Shah RVR Management has successfully completed a range of assignments for Plc, Private Equity (PE), SME and start up companies. Some examples are listed below.

Precision engineering components supplying into aerospace, oil/gas, rail.

Rakesh Shah engaged to develop sales processes and implement business development strategy.

Client Feedback

Rakesh was tasked with a market penetration strategy from various sectors (rail, aerospace etc.). Eleven new companies contacted with RFQs, with several orders being placed”.

Craig Peterson M.D.

Supply  precision engineering solutions to the aerospace, oil/gas and the industrial sectors.

Rakesh Shah appointed to achieve vital  sales growth for the business, and to develop a detailed strategic growth plan.

Client Feedback

Rakesh managed to negotiate/secure a £20m (£7m P/A) contract from a leading landing gear OEM company supplying onto AW101 series”.

Leigh Smith Group M.D. – Ametek

Outsourcing business unit within a large Plc group. Recruited to turnaround underperforming out sourcing manufacturing business unit, spread over 5 locations, to develop strategy/sales process that delivers growth.

Client Feedback

Rakesh was asked to deliver on a challenging brief of delivering change transformation, he was both resistant and patient with stakeholders in successfully delivering transformation”.

Jerry Petherick – M.D.

A Private Equity investment company that acquires businesses which is in need of re structure/turn around. Rakesh Shah recruited to develop new strategies for growth and to re structure sales/marketing function at one of the portfolio company ( H&H).

Client Feedback

Rakesh is a skilled, motivated and hardworking Interim Director, who has demonstrated an ability to deliver change in difficult circumstances”.

Kevin Green – Wrogel Capital Portfolio Partner

Rakesh quickly become an Integral part of our business by providing a clear leadership and developing a focus strategy/plan. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rakesh to any business who is in need to delivering growth, business transformation/ business turnaround”.

P Pickup Director – Hodgson & Hodgson

Family owned group – Supplying bridging and steel fabrication solutions into rail, oil/gas, civil engineering sectors.

Rakesh Shah recruited to develop sales structure and strategy, due to reduction in sales growth from the UK/International division.

Client Feedback

Rakesh is a committed professional and his contribution to the business transformation was much valued”.

C Droogan CEO- Mabey Bridge

Leading Private Equity company.

Recruited by BGF to conduct a detailed commercial/sales due diligence of a company they plan to invest.

Client Feedback

See Press Release  by BGF – Rakesh Shah name stated at the bottom of the article.

Market leading provider of inkjet, laser jet engineering solutions to the FMCG, electrical/electronic sectors.

Rakesh Shah appointed to introduce a new sales structure and process due to decline in revenue.

Client Feedback

The results delivered were beyond expectations driving strong growth in our equipment sales”.

M Cooper FD – Danaher

Provider of market leading capital equipment to the civil engineering, construction sectors.

Rakesh Shah engaged in a Senior Management role, on a rolling contract, to restructure failing sales/marketing team.

Client Feedback

Rakesh adds value by being able to develop strategic plans and implements them to deliver sales and operational growth”.

Pierre Fornet VP Danaher

Manufacturer of labels supplying into range of B2B customers ( FMCG, Electronic components, electrical etc..).

Client Feedback

Rakesh helped us in number of key areas of our business. This included developing a strategic plan that provided us with a clear sales and marketing plan and strategy”.

Tony Mariani MD

 Supplying into renewable energy sectors.

Client Feedback

Rakesh helped develop a strong market segment targeted sales strategy. He is very logical and methodical in his approach leading to a clear and concise plan of action“.

David Browne – Director
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