Steering to Success


Rakesh Shah – RVR Management provides business support for companies in 3 main areas for range of sectors (Plc, SME and the Private Equity). 

Let’s start with a free informal meeting to find out your personal and business goals and objectives

During this informal meeting we will aim to establish what is your vision for the business – or can Rakesh help you to create a vision? Rakesh will then work in partnership with you on a monthly basis to help you to achieve your desired outcome, which may include:

  • Assessing and understanding the risks of growth that you are prepared to take in your business and therefore protecting the money you have invested.
  • Formulating your strategy and plan for growth to create achievable, realistic targets.
  • Managing your finances and accounts to provide accurate and timely data about your business.
  • Assessing the market and sales opportunities to provide the revenues to fund growth.
  • Employing, retaining and motivating the right people with the right skills needed to drive your business.
  • Growing the business processes to keep in line with the expansion of your business.
  • Deciding on a strategy of merger or acquisition to achieve accelerated growth.
  • Managing a successful merger or acquisition, targeting the right companies.

Rakesh not only advised us on sales and marketing strategy, but implemented tools and processes based on six sigma and then executed an agreed action plan to deliver the required growth for the business. We needed somebody who was going to be hands on and actually implemented the strategy not be just an adviser.”

Commercial Director, Engineering/service company
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