My name is Rakesh Shah (RVR Management) and I have been providing strategic planning, sales & marketing and business development services to B2B engineering manufacturing sectors since 2011.

How I Can Help

Interim sales & marketing support

Providing a temporary in-house service to fill the gap when senior level support is needed. Devising strategies, performance management and developing an effective sales & marketing proposition; as well as processes to acquire more customers.

SME Business development & sales support

Providing flexible or part-time ongoing business development and sales support to SME Managing Directors looking to increase profit and sales growth while also reducing fixed costs. Looking at new customers in new and existing markets, sales pipelines and identifying and approaching potential new leads.

Private Equity mid-market pre/post acquisition support

Providing pre and post acquisition support to the Private Equity mid market sector. Pre acquisition – sales & marketing and commercial due diligence service. Post acquisition – interim sales and marketing support to the portfolio business that may not be delivering results.

Clients & Achievements

Rakesh Shah (RVR Management) has successfully carried out a range of assignments for major Plc, Private Equity and SME companies such as: G4S, Ametek Airtechnology, Mabey, BGF, Wrogel Capital, Future AM, Danaher, Linx Printing, Benham Precision Engineering, to name but a few.

What clients are saying

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