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Client -Mabey


Mabey Bridge


a) Mabey Bridge :

Part of Mabey Family Group Inc providing market leading bridging and steel fabrication solutions to OEM/fabricators and various B2B industrial sectors.( rail, oil/gas, renewables wind turbine, rail, mining, civil construction, nuclear, military etc..)

Key Achievements

•Developed strategic plan – International expansion – Identified 20 key countries to target.

•Developed and implemented customer / market driven strategies, new product capabilities to gain market share.

•Introduced new visual management board to drive continuous improvement. Win rate improved by 10%.

•Implemented new CRM systems to allow analysis and targeting by profiling customer behaviour.

•New lead generation/building data base process introduced/implemented. Pipeline increased by 30%

•New channel development process introduced/implemented, that add 20 new international distributors.

•Implemented digital marketing strategy/e-commerce/brochure, distributor on boarding material etc.

•Developed/implemented new on line spares platform, revenue increased by 50% within first 6 months

•Developed new acquisition process – ensuring a strategic synergy and right target is identified

• Coached/managed sales/marketing team with “hands on leadership” – showing a 15% improvements order intake.

Client Feedback: “Rakesh was a very professional and committed member of the senior team, whose contribution to the business was much valued” CEO Mabey Bridge

Case Study

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