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Clients Achievements Future AM, AM Labels


Future AM, AM Labels & Newform Energy

Assignment was carried out under the consultancy brand IBD

Future AMAM labels

IBD: Key objective of the role is to support companies in developing a vision ( Strategic plan) then implementing this plan by breaking it down into individual functional areas of the business, ( eg sales, marketing, operation, finance etc..)

Key focus is on growing market share, and improve profitability by focusing on processes and people to deliver growth

Key Achievements to date
•Developed/implemented business transformation programme for number of SME business.
•Developed strategic plan – re focus the business by growth segments. Increased order intake by 20%.
•Managing, coaching sales/marketing team to deliver improvements in sales by up to 20%.
•Introduced/implemented sales best practices process/tools to improve win rate by up to 15%
•Introduced six sigma/Lean change process principles into number of business ( eg value stream mapping , process Improvement, 5s, kaizen event etc..)
•Implemented new supply chain strategy – reduced cost of material by 25%, logistic cost by 10%.
•Developed/Implemented new kan- ban system reduced inventory by 10%.
•New pricing strategy – increased prices by 10%.
•Reduced operating cost by 15%.
•Number of ongoing projects – where focus is on increasing market share, cost reduction, and improving overall business efficiency. (e.g. Improved WCT by 2 turns, Improvement in OTD by 10%, Margin by 12% etc.)

Client feedback: “Rakesh was tasked with market penetration strategy from various sectors (rail, aerospace etc.). Eleven new companies contacted with RFQs, with several orders being placed” – Craig Peterson – Future A.M 

Client feedback: “Rakesh helped us in number of key areas of our business. This included developing a strategic plan that provided us with a clear sales and marketing plan and strategy”. – Tony Mariani – AM Labels

Client feedback:  “Rakesh helped develop a strong market segment targeted sales strategy. He is very logical and methodical in his approach leading to a clear and concise plan of action”. David Browne – NewForm

Contact: Rakesh Shah 0778 555 8344