Have you come up with one of the best business ideas for 2015?

A new study has shown which business ideas are expected to take off in 2015, after looking into emerging business and consumer trends to identify the top ideas for new business founders.

Startups.co.uk compiled the list of business ideas, entitled ‘What business to start in 2015’ earlier this year. Below are just a few – have you considered starting a business in any of these areas?

3D printing – consumer 3D printers offer start-up businesses a range of opportunities for creating low-cost bespoke products.

Property tech – whilst the property industry is always in strong demand, with property development growing significantly in 2014, the use of technology in the sector is increasing. Property tech will begin to challenge traditional estate agency.

Niche social networks – Increasingly, people are moving away from the dominant networks of Facebook and Twitter to search out networks that cater for their specific interests. This means there is a call for a huge variety of niche networks.

On-demand service app – In today’s market, customers expect instant solutions and services. The meteoric rise of Uber has shown that there is huge potential for online platforms and apps that cater to the trend of instant gratification.

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