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Strategic planning

An effective sales and marketing strategy requires a top level of strategic planning of the businesses’ commercial processes and a detailed understanding of both existing and target customers, with the overall marketing effort geared to ensuring that it is possible to take prospect customers all the way through to placing orders. RVR Management can provide the necessary analytical capability which leads to the development of effective sales and marketing plans, all the way through to full implementation, including if necessary, direct sales activity. Strategy: “A valuable difference we can defend” True business performance gains result when your Company:
  • Has a clear financial plan that drives the Sales Marketing and Operations functions of your business
  • Has a clear vision on what markets will have the greatest financial impact on the business results.
  • Has a clear marketing plan to build on existing markets and expands into new business opportunities.
  • Have a clear sales plan to achieve the required growth
  • Has a clear operations plan that meets the financial and marketing needs of your business.
Only under this scenario, will the financial performance of the business be impacted by both sales growth and cost reductions. The most rapid improvement to business performance comes when your business’s strategic planning is directed at the entire  process of your product/service value streams from order entry to delivery of the products or services that support your key markets. This requires:
  •  Identification and prioritization of the “value streams” of your business to select the processes that will have the biggest financial impact on the business.
  • Clear Value Stream Financial plans and objectives.
  • Clear Value Stream Marketing plans and objectives.
  • Clear Value Stream Sales plan and objectives
  • Clear Value Stream Operations plans and objectives.
The Strategic Planning process is the most critical element for generating rapid financial growth and successful implementation of the company development programs.

The RVR Management Strategic Planning Process

Our philosophy is designed around a Six Sigma/Lean approach to business development. The importance of the Strategic Planning process is reflected in taking some the critical steps that define the process
  • Define your Business Vision
  • Define the Business “Value Stream Financial Plans”
  • Define the “Value Stream Marketing Plans”
  • Define the “Value Stream Operations Plans”
  • Define Sales plans
We also help your business focus on the critical elements of your business that will result in the fastest results by segmenting all the planning functions into “value streams” so that the development priorities can be based on the value streams that will generate the biggest financial returns for your business.