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When organisations have enjoyed a successful period of winning, two things happen.  The first is that the competition does something about it and raises the bar.  The second is that they become a little complacent and forget why and how they were so successful in the past. Rakesh Shah RVR Management will asses your process will then develop required support systems in order to achieve your required growth objectives.

Example of activities:

  • Reviewing, Developing/ implementing new sales process strategies
  • Forecast process
  • Sales reporting
  • Develop your pipeline/funnel process
  • Introduce KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to set performance measures and activity levels for sales staff and in this way develop, mentor and coach them to be more effective and independent
  • QDIP visual management board based on Six Sigma process
  • Review sales activities and build more effective selling processes
  • Develop compelling value selling propositions
  • Create strategic selling plans to maximise sales effectiveness

Rakesh Shah Sales Process plan aims to introduce robust and deliverable benchmarks to the sales process that will satisfy internal clients and help you better understand your customers’ needs.