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Sales pipeline

Sales targets are challenging. The pressure is on! But the current sales pipeline falls significantly short of what’s required. Some of the opportunities are particularly ‘speculative’ and if things remain the same your chances of achieving target are slim or non-existent.

Do you have process in place that measures/tells you health of your sales pipeline ?

The solution:

We have successfully helped a number of clients improve their sales pipeline and the good news is that it needn’t require a huge investment. In fact in nearly all cases by refocusing the marketing activity “making marketing pay” See Marketing transformation programme into a different area which increased the number of quality leads generated. The key is ‘smart’ lead generation. It’s about finding the people that want to buy your solution. The people that have a need. We help you achieve the above in a number of ways by focussing on:
  • Attracting new prospects
  • Converting leads into sales
  • Growing the lifetime value
We also ensure that you have:
  • Right amount of pipeline to meet the sales revenue target
  • Sustain development of the sales pipeline to meet future revenue targets
We work on building a bigger sales pipeline of opportunities but, more importantly, a quality qualified pipeline that will achieve your sales goals.