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Does your marketing deliver solid sales results?

If you want solid sales results in the long term, you’ll need a watertight marketing operation. This means having a tool, a technique and the skills to move someone all the way from awareness to loyalty. If you struggle to see exactly how this all fits together, and what you could do to up your game, a business marketing audit is the perfect starting point.

After the audit you will have…

  • A clear understanding of what your marketing operation needs to deliver.
  • A clear view of the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing operation.
  • A list of enhancements in priority order.
  • A list of quick wins that can be undertaken immediately.
  • An outline 12-month plan for thorough marketing transformation.

What’s involved?

  • A detailed survey conducted in person to gather key information.
  • A half day workshop to map the current marketing operation
  • Interviews, in person or by phone, with key staff and suppliers to clarify findings as appropriate.
  • A half-day presentation of findings and discussion of next steps.
  • 12-month action plan with outline costs and recommended suppliers.

What’s covered?

The initial audit will gather information and deliver outline findings against the following  key focus areas:
  • Strategy: Is your offering clear and compelling to a clearly identified audience?
  • Set-up: Do you have the systems and processes in place to deliver effective marketing?
  • Skills: Do you have the right mix of current marketing skills at your disposal?
  • Suppliers: Do you have an appropriate mix of expert suppliers in place for specialist tasks?
  • Activity and tools: Do you have the tools and marketing activity in place to meet your sales targets?