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RVR Interim Marketing Director/Manager

We aim to Make your “ Marketing Pay”. We have helped  many SME manufacturing companies as well as large multinational companies. Our marketing transformation programme is designed specifically for businesses that have ambitious plans to become bigger and recognise that you need the marketing operation to deliver on that ambition. RVR Management can help you with your marketing transformation no matter how large or small your project may be.  Whether you are a marketing manager requiring extra support or you have little experience within the field.

Interim Marketing

Do you have a short or long term marketing requirement, but don’t want the expense of a permanent employee? We can provide an Interim Marketing Manager/Director on a project by project basis. We plan and deliver 3 key steps in our  marketing transformation programmes for businesses with ambitious growth plans.

 STEP 1 Marketing Strategy: What to say to whom and why

Understanding your business objectives, your competition and your market so that an appropriate marketing strategy could be developed. This would typically involve:
  • Market research ( size of your market, competition analysis, gap analysis etc..)
  • Company vision
  • Management team coaching
  • Mapping marketing objectives to business goals

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STEP 2 Marketing Set-up: Essential tools and skills

Making sure your business has the tools they need to make the marketing transformation happen. This would typically involve:
  • Skills reviews and development plans
  • Role specification and recruitment advice
  • Delivery of key marketing systems and infrastructure
  • Supplier selection, appointment and reviews

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STEP 3 Marketing Activity: Campaigns and ongoing activity

Execution of an agreed activity plan to meet marketing objectives. This would typically involve:
  • An integrated set of business-as-usual activities
  • Social media marketing programmes
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Customer marketing programmes
  • Detailed marketing measurement

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