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Are you looking to grow your company? RVR Management has a range of ways to support you through business advice and support. Rakesh Shah  and his team of Associate Partners have vast specialist experience in operating, growing and selling businesses. Some of the specific ways that we can help you include: Sales planning Sales training Strategic planning Marketing strategy Business development Exit planning Business transformation Business recovery In fact,  Rakesh Shah passion is all about giving business advice to owners like you to help you succeed and overcome some of these common business problems including:
  • Not hitting sales / profit forecasts
  • Problems with cash flow
  • Lack of direction and focus from the management team
  • Marketing messages that are not to the customer’s needs
  • A sales team that has stopped performing
  • Lack of a clear succession plan for the business (exit planning)
  • Lack of a clear sales and marketing strategy
  • An over-stretched team caused by ill health or lack of in-house skills.
Do one or more of these problem areas sound familiar? Get in touch and see what business advice Rakesh can offer you.