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About me

Rakesh Shah

When I started RVR Management it was with the intent of seamlessly linking operations, performance improvement and value creation to best help PLC, SME and Private Equity Mid Market Portfolio companies turn areas of stagnation into growth to achieve sustainable results. This ethos remains at the core of my belief. Today I help CEO/MD of PLC, SME and Private Equity Owners to grow incremental profitable sales, by building robust measurable business processes. My Approach:

  • Fact-driven and action-oriented
  • Engage with people.
  • Focus on process.
  • Focus on delivering sustainable long term benefits.
  • Focus on developing people and relationships.
  • Focus on delivering results – PROFIT
  • Focus on being totally independent.

My Commitment:

  • Turnaround/transform business performance.
  • Provide workable practical solution.
  • Restructure teams that delivers growth
  • Bring no ego or agenda of my own.
  • Ask lots of questions and listen to you and your team.
  • Digging into your business and get detailed data.
  • Obsessively follow the evidence to find the best approach and solutions.
  • Roll up my sleeves and be totally hands on.
  • Work with you to understand your concerns, ambitions and needs.
  • Aim to move your company from where it is now to where it needs to be.

My Experience: I have over 20+ years experience in assisting the growth of PLC, SME and Private Equity Mid Market Portfolio companies across the UK/Europe. In my corporate career I had led and managed successful commercial teams across the UK, USA, SE Asia and Europe in a range of B2B industries such as aerospace, rail, oil/gas, automotive, industrial, precision engineering etc. Today I use this experience to help CEO/MDs and Private Equity Owners on commercial matters from building high performance teams to implementing effective processes and carrying out due diligence. I have worked in a variety of businesses utilising my transferrable skills.(see clients feedback)My focus is always on implementation to deliver results, and not just developing a plan for the sake of a plan. (see achievements/results)

“Rakesh is a skilled, motivated and hardworking Interim Director, who has demonstrated an ability to deliver change in difficult circumstances” K Green – Portfolio Director

Contact Rakesh Shah : 0778 555 8344

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